Who Needs In-Home Care Services?

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It might surprise you to learn that senior citizens are the largest and fastest-growing demographic in America. At last count, over 40 million people were 65 and older. Those numbers are only expected to rise as the largest generation in the nation’s history, the Baby Boomers, enters its golden years.

Potential Problems

As wonderful as it is that people are living longer, there are numerous economic implications of increased longevity. For the average American family, it often means they must pay others to help their aging family members. According to reliable estimates, about 70 percent of seniors will require long-term care at some point. And whether they receive that care in a nursing home or an assisted living facility, costs can be prohibitive. That’s why millions of people are turning to in-home care services.
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Aging in Place

Available surveys confirm that seniors want to stay in their own abodes as they age. Of course, most cannot do so without a helping hand. In the early going, it may be possible for friends and family members to pick up the slack. But when aging loved ones develop chronic health issues such as dementia, diabetes, or heart disease, professional help is often required.

Possible Benefits

The number one reason seniors give for wanting to age in place is independence. Most simply do not want to live under someone else’s rules no matter how well-intentioned they may be. Depending on individual circumstances, it may also be a lot cheaper to remain under one’s own roof. We know, for example, that nursing homes routinely charge over six thousand dollars a month. By comparison, in-home care services are far more affordable.

Possible Cost Savings

Because caregivers and aides charge an hourly rate, you only have to pay them when you need them. For most seniors who require daily help, that means a few hours each day. The same cannot be said about nursing centers or assisted living facilities, both of which provide full-time care, whether the patient needs it or not. As such, these institutions are far more expensive for residents and their families.

Likely Candidates

Even if they eventually end up in a facility, seniors should not be forced into one against their will. As long as they are in no immediate physical danger, and their medical problems can be safely managed at home, they can remain there. With that said, in-home care services can be a godsend for seniors. Not only do aides help them with their daily chores, but they can also provide companionship when friends and family are not around.

What to Look For

If you or your loved one suffers from a specific medical condition such as dementia or arthritis, it is important to find a provider who has experience treating those ailments. Because some agencies only provide help with daily chores and companionship, you may have to search for one that offers specialty services.

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