The Worrying Rise of Hackers For Hire

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What’s behind the surge in people hiring hackers on the dark web? What type of systems are they targeting and who is at risk? We rummage through the dark web for answers.

Hiding on the Dark Web
If you know where to look you can find a hacker-for-hire who’ll happily take your money in exchange for committing cybercrimes for you. There are many places on the dark web where hackers advertise their dubious services. These hacking forums and dark web market places have existed for many years. They’re hardly new. What is new is the sudden increase in postings from people looking for hackers to do their dirty work for them.

Getting onto the dark web isn’t too difficult. You just need to use the right tools. The dark web is made up of a series of overlay networks called darknets. These piggyback on the regular internet infrastructure but use their own set of protocols and routing nodes known as relays. Darknet web addresses have unusual suffixes like “.onion” and “.i2p.” The EC-Council also offers iLabs, a subscription based-service that allows you to log on to virtualized remote machines to perform exercises. click


Darknets give you two cool superpowers: anonymity and invisibility. Darknet protocols are encrypted so no one can see your internet traffic, and darknet routing nodes employ other tricks to make back-tracing and identifying your IP address virtually impossible. A quick Amazon search will reveal many books on ethical hacking and the CEH certification, as well. hire a hacker

Like most things, a darknet is neither good nor bad per se. There are many non-criminal users of darknets, too. Dissidents in repressive regimes use them to communicate with the rest of the world. Whistleblowers, activists, and even the military use darknets for legitimate reasons. Many newspapers maintain a dark web portal so anonymous sources can protect their identity while they deliver stories and tip-offs. It’s the anonymity of darknets that make them such attractive haunts for criminals of all types.

The Invisible Internet Project (I2P), FreeNet, and the Tor Project are among the best-known darknets. The Tor darknet is the one that has proven most attractive to criminals.

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Searching for Hackers
The Tor browser will get you as far as the Tor darknet. Used with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) your real identity will be as cloaked as it can be. So you’re on the darknet. Now what? There’s nothing like Google for the dark web. You can’t search for where you want to go.
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You need to know the web address of the marketplace or site that you intend to visit.

Getting to grips with the Tor browser, VPNs, and “.onion” sites is achievable—with a bit of determination—for most moderately internet-savvy people. Locating a forum or marketplace where hackers-for-hire advertise their availability and expertise shouldn’t be beyond them either. The real difficulty is knowing which posts are scams. He is also a freelance tech writer—become a Twitter follower or use the RSS Feed to keep up with his writings.
Hire a Hacker

How do you know the hacker—if they are even a hacker at all—won’t simply take your money and do nothing? And how does the hacker know you’re not law enforcement trying to entrap them? That’s the problem with doing dodgy deals in the digital equivalent of a back alley at night. How do you know you’ve found a criminal you can trust? It’s quite the oxymoron.

But even if the majority of posts promoting hacking services are scams, the rest are real. There are escrow services available on darknets. They hold the money for deals until both sides are satisfied their business has been completed to their mutual satisfaction. But whether or not some proportion of posts by hackers are scams, that doesn’t explain the upturn in posts from potential customers looking for hackers.

Customers part with money, they don’t ask for it. So they have nothing to gain by being fake. Law enforcement agencies use more subtle strategies to try to dupe hackers. A fake advert from a prospective customer is far too blunt an instrument to have much hope of success., you can make contact with us at the web-page.




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