A New Car Wash Franchising System – P&G’s Mr Clean Carwash Franchise

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Why on Earth is Procter and Gamble getting involved in the Car Wash Industry? Moreover, why is perhaps the greatest consumer product company of all times getting into the franchising business. You see, P&G is a great branding company, and some believe the best in the world.

What intrigues Corporate America about the car wash business anyway? Well, here are some of my thoughts: There is a contingency of Harvard Business School MBA’ers who have as part of their class assignments to access the concept of a nation-wide “Car Wash Company” and once these kids get out of school, they remember this and then think it’s a good idea.

Thus, some end up in large fortune 500s like P&G (which is a GREAT COMPANY, so don’t get me wrong), some end up as investment bankers, and a few turn up in the car wash sector every once in a while. If you have any questions concerning where and how to use Car Wash, you can make contact with us at our site.


I can recall P&G’s Mr. Clean showed up to debut at the International Car Wash Convention back many years ago and I actually sensed a bit of angered from car wash owners. It appeared that P&G assumed that car washes would sell their ‘personal’ car washing systems for home washing and thought they are a kindred spirit to those in the car wash industry.


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