Football Kits Are Branded Or Non Branded

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The sale of official kits has become for many clubs an issue of survival and is an invaluable source of income. Their dependency on the sale of large numbers of football kits to remain in business is an indication of the importance of branding for them. Consider any of the teams in the premier league or more appropriately in the lower divisions and it is clear that sale of their branded football kits is of paramount importance in the scale of overall income. Club fans want to wear a branded team shirt or tracksuit and not a spurious or non-branded garment. This fanatical following ensures that sales of branded football kits continue to grow year on year and so too club income and profits.

However team merchandise that is officially branded can be very expensive and in the economic downturn may even be financially prohibitive. It is not surprising therefore that some customers opt for non-branded football shirts to save a few pounds. As we know this can be a false economy and even more so if you actually use the kit to play football rather than simply wearing it to football games as a supporter. Another aspect of branded football kits is the sponsorship it attracts from big corporate business. They are happy to be associated with the global brand names that we are all aware of as a consumer public. Consequently the quality of the kit needs to be top grade to be endorsed by the leading corporate international businesses.

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