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Your Third Eye, The Pineal Gland

Throughout ages and cultures the Pineal gland has been thought of as the organ that enables us to accesses the realms of spiritual transcendence.

Commonly referred to as the Third Eye, it is about the size of a pea that resides in the centre of the brain and like our eyes it has rods that the eyes use for seeing, but unlike the eyes on our face, our third eye, our pineal gland, enables us to see the inner light.

Regulated by light the pineal gland is commonly known to regulate the amount of melatonin that is released in our bodies. If you want to read more information in regards to 5 Meo Dmt For Sale review the page.
Melatonin, responsible for our sleep cycles and bio-rhythms, is known to keep our immune system strong and healthy and may affect the amount of HGH (humane growth hormone)that we produce. But what is less known is that the pineal gland is where DMT is produced.

DMT,(N-dimethyltryptamine)commonly referred to as “The Spirit Molecule” (Rick Strassman)is a naturally occurring molecule that is synthesised and released by our pineal gland during the following times: at birth, during REM sleep, psychosis, mystical experiences and death.

Although the discovery of DMT is relatively new. Its effects have long been understood by mystical and esoteric traditions, recognising that when the pineal gland is properly activated (releasing DMT) it floods the consciousness with light resulting in a transcendental experience of ‘higher’ spiritual realms.

Activation of the pineal gland can come about spontaneously. But mostly it occurs using a meditative practice of focussed intention.

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